Mr. Kekoo Sethna has been in the property development industry for over 30 years and has mainly focused on residential buildings in Bangalore. He personally initiated the diversification of the group into coffee cultivation and then also started the Yolee Convention Centre. His first job was to build a simple entrance gate to a property to now building residential complexes with 220 apartments and from starting with 12 acres of coffee cultivation the group now owns around 400 acres of coffee cultivation lands. 

From  the year 2000 Mr. Sethna  has also involved himself in Property Development work in the U.K. 

Mr. Sethna is a man of varied talents and hobby’s from having won a gold medal in piano at the age of 13 , having played competitive tennis, squash along with being an accomplished swimmer and cyclist to obtaining a Private Pilots License in the USA. 

"Growth built on integrity..."


Mr. Yohann Sethna-